Remote Teaching

Students with long-term medical conditions, physical or SEMH needs affecting attendance may require additional support to continue to access their education.  The BTC Trust provides remote online provision through either 1:1 core teaching or accessibility to their lessons through an AV1 avatar. 

Our remote online teacher provides 1:1 core subject teaching to students who, for a variety of reasons, are currently unable to access their usual in-school lessons.  Some children/young people will be awaiting transfer to a specialist placement or require short term online lessons due to medical needs.  For others, online teaching contributes to a short term wider package of support to enable the student to return to their school. The remote teacher works alongside school based staff to ensure the student receives relevant and current curriculum content.

AV1 is a telepresence robot that ensures that no student misses a class, break time or conversation with friends. It is more than just remote learning; it is the next best thing to being there in person. From home, hospital or another room at school, the student participates in class through the AV1 app. The AV1 robot has a camera, microphone and speaker. It sits on the student’s desk, and through an app they can see, hear and speak through it.

Clare Mortimer is our online remote teacher for the BTC Trust and is also trained as a Trauma Informed Practitioner.  Prior to this role, Clare was a secondary school teacher, with a particular passion in developing different methods and strategies to engage students who found learning challenging.  Clare very much enjoys building positive working relationships with students and working 1:1 to help them emotionally thrive and succeed in their learning.

The Process for AV1The Process for Remote Teaching