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Our Insights programme is a bespoke, year-long professional growth opportunity that provides support and guidance to aspirational and motivated colleagues across the Bridgwater and Taunton College Trust.   

This bespoke offer includes:  

  • Access to monthly professional coaching.  

  • Access to Insights Discovery – a diagnostic tool that will show participants how understanding themselves better can make a positive difference in the workplace and beyond. It helps people become more self-aware, learning more about their preferred behaviours, the strengths they bring and the challenges they’re likely to face.  

  • Visits to other Trust schools to shadow, collaborate, and learn from, other colleagues.  

  • Elements of formal learning, professional debate, and training specifically tailored to individual need.  

  • The opportunity to engage in Trust focused research.  

  • The opportunity to experience work, and the Trust, outside of your usual sphere of activity.  

Our Trust is committed to being an organisation where individuals can learn, experiment, thrive, and contribute. This offer is specifically designed to attract, recognise, nurture, develop, and retain aspirational colleagues across our trust. This programme helps in further creating an environment and culture that not only optimises professional learning and aspiration but also becomes the backbone for career and succession planning. This programme will also help to identify potential, paving the way for that potential to be nurtured, challenged and maximised in a way that mutually benefits its participants and the Trust itself further ensuring that ‘Every Child Achieves’.